Software As A Service:

Our ICT solutions allow individuals to use either a normal phone or smartphone to collect and submit information in the field. By making or receiving a ‘missed call’, sending an SMS, snapping a photo, or using a combination of these, individuals can report information without the use of reliable internet or mobile data, in even the most remote working conditions.

These systems can be tailored to a wide variety of situations, to gather and bring together different kinds of information, from a range of different sources.

Using our customised tools such as advanced spatial analysis and live dashboards, or even with your own existing solutions (which we can fully integrate with!), you can then sort through, analyse and manage your data – improving oversight, increasing accountability, and streamlining your processes and systems. 

Via email and SMS alerts, you can also share any relevant information with those who need it, when they need it, and in the format that they need it. You can configure and trigger your own alerts for when thresholds are reached, deadlines are approaching, or for other reasons that suit you, ensuring that you are always in the know!



SeeTell is a system based on ‘missed calls’ and can be used on any type of cellphone, is free for users, and is as simple and as quick as dialling a few digits. Users make a ‘missed call’ to a pre-determined number to submit information Snapture is an Android application that allows users to send in photos and take pictures of codes (similar to QR codes) to relay information


SeeSaw staff and associates have extensive experience in working with ICT applications. We offer in-house training and hands-on workshops that help you to get the most out of new technology and ICT tools.


SeeSaw also offers strategic advice to organisations that can use ICT tools in their projects. We have advised on how to roll out payment by results approaches, on whether existing databases are up to scratch, and on how to adopt off-the-shelf ICT tools to improve financial management and oversight of technical operations.

Clients have included the national water regulator of Mozambique, the World Bank, the UK and French Aid Agencies, and large NGOs such as WaterAid and Practical Action.