SeeSaw helps those that provide clean water, protect the environment, deliver sanitation, adapt to climate change etc, by assisting them to harness the benefits of ICT. We do this by providing training, consulting and customised ICT tools and systems.

Our customised, integrative technology can be used across a variety of different industries and use cases to collect, analyse and share information.

So what makes us different?

Firstly, we use a human-centred design approach – which for us means putting in place systems that fully take into account the context of both providers and users of information.  What are the levels of literacy of reporters, what technology are they comfortable with, what incentives do they respond to? For those who need to use the information – what systems do they already use, and how can we build on these?

Secondly we’re not just IT geeks. SeeSaw’s team is heavy on professionals from the environmental management sectors – whether engineers, economists or others.  So we know how to tailor advice and systems to fit your specific needs. We don’t offer ICT for the sake of it – we understand that what you really need are robust and reliable solutions that seamlessly weave into your existing practices, make your work easier, your data more reliable, and your stakeholders – whether customers, partners or donors – happier!

Thirdly, we’ve done this before. SeeSaw’s ICT solutions are utilised by government departments, NGOs, water utilities, private companies, small entrepreneurs and consultancies alike.  We have worked in more than 15 developing countries around the globe and have project references you can trust and relate to.