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'SEE' information in the field, using a customised Android app, a ‘missed call’ service, SMSs, sensors, or a combination. Advanced synchronisation of different data-sources allows you to operate even without a reliable Internet connection. We are able to provide specialized data collection services in even the most remote working conditions.


Advanced analysis and visualisation let's you 'SAW' through the information using our customised tools, such as advanced spatial analysis, live dashboards, or your own existing solutions (which we can fully integrate with). All information is synthesised and verified, to help you analyse, benchmark, escalate, and seamlessly update existing data.


From email and SMS alerts to our customisable Android application, you can ‘SEND' relevant information to those who need, when they need it, and how they need it. You can also trigger different types of alerts for when thresholds are reached, deadlines are approaching, or any other reason. Always be in the know, and you configure exactly how.

why SeeSaw

We’ve seen the challenges facing organisations - in fact, we’ve faced them ourselves. We’ve also seen solutions that work, and don’t work. Our product seeks to create a system that seamlessly weaves into your existing practices, while making your work easier, your data more reliable, and your customers happier. Using our See Saw Send platform we provide customised solutions to fit your requirements.

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Missed calls

99% of the world has GSM coverage, but only 25% of the world has access to 3G or higher Internet. We transform missed calls into meaningful information. Report from wherever you are.

Survey data

With intermittent Internet access, use our native Android application to collect survey data. Take the cloud to the ground: our app will sync when it can over intermittent Internet.


Collect rich datasets by combining text, photos, image recognition, GPS locations, sound recordings and more. Validate new data collected in the field against existing data stored in the cloud.

Our work

SeeTell, SeeRead
Goma, DRC
SeeRead, SeeView
Catholic Relief Services
SWSC Zambia
SeeRead, SeeView
SeeSMS, SeeRead
Conselho de Regulacao de Aguas (CRA)
SeeTell, SeeView
Community Water Solutions (CWS)
SeeTell, SeeView
Development Workshop Angola (DWA)
Friends of the Liesbeek
SeeRead, SeeView
Custom solution
Lilongwe Water Board / GSMA
SeeTell, SeeView
Practical Action

The team

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David Schaub-Jones

Co-founder of SeeSaw. Background in brokering partnerships in the sanitation and water sectors, with a special emphasis on supporting small providers, entrepreneurs and utilities that work in informal settlements and poor communities. Urban and small town specialist with a keen eye for how incentive structures influence delivery. Experienced facilitator and project manager.
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Ed Ramsay

Water and Sanitation Specialist, experienced at working on urban and rural water supply in challenging environments (Sierra Leone, India, South Sudan, Burundi). With Nokia, showed how Google Earth and mobile phones can substitute for standard GIS. Trialed potential of NFC to assist in managing data on public tap stands with the water utility in Freetown and has worked on output-based aid in Vietnam and Tanzania.
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Jossekin Beilharz

Lead software engineer with experience in developing android apps, SMS platforms and other systems. Special interest in how people engage with technology and in ICT4D (Information Communications Technology for Development). While at SAP in South Africa, coordinated the Pretoria Hackathon, where fault reporting and meter reading applications for the water sector were refined.
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Camille Richer

Former Manager of Information Systems for microfinance and social business organisations in Haiti, West Africa and Asia for the NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde -  where she implemented digital finance solutions,Camille recently joined SeeSaw to reinforce the team on financial management and project management.She is still active in social investment funds.
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Jessica Kaliski

After researching sanitation practices in India, Jessica has broadened our perspective and helped us see the commonalities and important differences between the water and sanitation sectors. Her impeccable research record is a boon to an organisation that takes its role as disseminator of knowledge seriously and helps to inform our training, consulting and systems design work.
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Elizabeth Were

Liz is leading expansion of SeeSaw’s ICT solutions to market oriented WASH interventions and other sectors. Prior to joining SeeSaw, she shaped partnerships and investments as Water.org Regional Program Officer and later on as representative for Ethiopia. She appreciates the importance of technology in driving and managing organization change, and how it can be utilised to deliver value.

Reporting info

75000 calls and counting
400 Registered numbers
1400+ Registered callers

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